Will you be my bridesmaid?

What they don't tell you when you get engaged, is how many social gatherings you'll have to plan and how many big decisions you'll have to make from that point on. The first on my list was an engagement party.

I had less time than most as I wanted to fit something in before Ty and Parker went back to the states, so about 48 hours after Ty and I were engaged, I had a location and a guest list sorted. Definitely good practice for the wedding planning that's to come!

My main thing was that I wanted a creative way to 'propose' to my bridesmaids at the engagement dinner as everyone would be together, so I figured there'd be no better a time. The ideas bible that is Pinterest didn't fail me in the slightest, there were so many fun and cute bridesmaid proposals, I was spoilt for choice. I decided on a 'balloon in a box' one I'd seen, then Parker and I set about putting them together.

The idea was that I'd put a little message, a wishbone necklace and tons of confetti sparklies inside a balloon, which the bridesmaids would then pop to get to their goodies and my proposal.

I think they turned out really well and all four of the ladies enjoyed them thoroughly. It's always nice when you find a way to make things that little bit more special, particularly when it comes to weddings as it's not only a poignant time in your life, but for your closest friends too.

I hope there will be more of these little DIY projects that I can do and share as I start planning things for the big day. It can all be a little overwhelming, so having something creative like this to do is a nice way to inject some fun and relax a bit. For me, anyway. 

As this post is about them, I'd like to thank (in order from L-R) Esther, Sadie, Lauren and Parker for all saying 'yes' to me. I'm incredibly lucky and thrilled to have you all by my side on this journey and of course, on my big day. 

What are some creative project that you've done for you own or someone else's wedding? I'd love to know!