USAdventure Part Deux.


So to kick the blog off I thought I'd go backwards a little bit, to capture a few moments that happened over Christmas and New Year. Plus Ty got me a DSLR camera for Christmas, so I had to post up some of the first photos I took with it. I'm still learning how to use it properly!

We've got part three of our USAdventure coming up, so this is part two...

We did it. The quintessential "American road trip". Incidentally, it's not something I've ever really dreamed of doing, but nonetheless, it's now crossed off my bucket list and I can genuinely say I enjoyed every minute of it. (Although that could have something to do with the fact that I wasn't behind the wheel at any point of our multiple 5 hour journeys).


As a West Coast girl through and through, this trip was the perfect one for me. We started in Arizona and our first stop was Los Angeles for a week to celebrate Christmas with my extended family. We then drove from LA to Las Vegas just in time for New Years Eve, which we rang in with a bunch of good friends. Next was a quick overnight trip from Vegas to Utah (and back again) to visit Ty's sister and nephew, then finally from Vegas back home to Arizona. 

14 days, 4 cities, over 2000 miles and so much love and laughter in between. 


I'd recommend a road trip like this to anyone, but couples especially. 5 hours plus in a car together can reveal a lot of truths about your relationship! (I'm pleased to say our truths were mostly good) It was a great way to strengthen our bond and partnership and a lovely lesson in the art of loving each other.


- Amber