Two hearts, one song.


The third photo of my March challenge goes to my best buddy, Sadie. I took these photos while we strolled up and down Oxford Street this evening. 

It's not often in life you find someone whose heart sings the same song as yours. In fact, it's so rare that we're sometimes afraid of how wonderful the feeling of finding a kindred spirit is, to the extent that we don't let the relationship flourish.

I'm thankful to have a friend with whom I can be unafraid. When you trust someone and know that you have each other's best interests at heart, being completely open, honest and transparent is easy, and most of all, fulfilling.

There's not many things I value more than transparency, and I thank Sadie for embodying that trait so well. (And also for being the only person I can endlessly bond with over Brandy lyrics, Moesha scenes and random TV/Movie lines.)