Two girls on an island.

Chances are that If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I was on a little holiday last week. Hopefully you're not sick of the photos yet as this post is basically a massive pic dump of my trip.

My best bud Sadie and I have been talking about going on holiday together for YEARS and 2014 was finally the time for us to make good on our promise. We chose Greece as our destination, specifically, the island of Kos.

We got to our hotel, The Blue Lagoon Resort, quite late thanks to delays from the French air traffic control strike but awoke nice and early the next day, ready to hit the beach. 


We decided to take a few trips while we were there, the first of which was an Aegean Cruise on a pirate ship named Captain Hook, with a captain that really did resemble Hook. We sailed to three islands and jumped off the ship into the sea at each stop - so fun!


This turned out to be one of our favourite days, sunbathing on a boat all day whilst sailing the ocean seas is an activity that's hard to beat. Needless to say, we were quite a few shades darker by the time we got back to the port. 

Our second trip was to Therma, a place with natural hot springs in the sea. Apparently the sulphur in the springs helps to keep you young and if you ignore the smell (which wasn't actually that bad when we went) the hot water is very relaxing. A bit like taking a warm bath in the sea.


Sadie had an Ariel moment on the rocks, feeling like the Little Mermaid and stuff. I think she pulled it off well to be honest.


To get to where the hot springs were, you had to walk down a pretty steep hill in the cliffs. They were offering donkey rides up and down the mountain path, which we were both opposed to at first because of the heat and feeling sorry for the little donks. However, the sight of the trek back up was a bit too much for us so we rationalised our change of heart and jumped on. I figured I couldn't got on holiday somewhere and not find some kind of animal to ride, breaking tradition and all that.


Once we got to the top we went to wait for the bus back and ran into a goat that seemed quite pleased to take a selfie with us. Definitely my favourite photo from the whole trip.

The next evening we drove to the village of Zia, to witness the best sunsets on Kos island. The place really was beautiful and whilst we waited for the sun to go down we enjoyed some homemade lemonade at the cutest little restaurant.


This bright blue is a colour you see so much of in Greece, it stands out so well against the white buildings and gives the villages such a bright and happy vibe.


At about 8.30pm the sun went down and our surroundings were awash with a gorgeous orange glow. I still don't think anywhere can beat a Phoenix sunset, but this came pretty close.


Kos Island is only a 45 minute boat trip from Turkey, so we popped over there for a day to check out the markets, which are known for their very nice fake designer bags and watches. 


The bags didn't really take our fancy but we did buy a watch each and some other cute little bits like turkish lanterns and gifts for people back home. 


All too soon it was our last day so we headed into Kos Town again to experience it by daylight (we'd gone out on bar street one night to experience the club scene). We wandered around the markets there and took a free train tour around the town. 


Before we left we sat by the marina admiring all of the very plush private yachts and decided that next time, we'll be returning on one of those. Hey, we can always dream..