Tasties: L.A. Burdick, Boston MA

Another fantastic place I was able to visit while I was in Boston was L.A. Burdick, an amazing homemade chocolate shop and café.

L.A. Burdick are known for their little chocolate mice, and their cafe was decked out with Easter treats. There were chocolate bunnies and colourful ribbons everywhere. They spared no creativity with their cakes either, which were beautiful to look at.

I was spoilt for choice but I was told that their hot chocolate was a must-try so I opted for the White Chocolate drink. Bar one extremely thick molten hot chocolate that Ty and I had in Venice, this was most definitely the best chocolate drink I've ever tasted. It was just thick enough to be decadent but not sickly and the white chocolate was delicious. 

The café itself had a very Parisian feel to it, a lot like an all-chocolate-everything version of Patisserie Valerie (you'll get that if you're a Londoner). It was a lovely little place that offered some welcome respite to the rainy Boston weekend I was experiencing.

They have quite a few locations around the US if you're thinking of visiting. Find them all on their website: BurdickChocolate.com