Tasties: Clover Food Lab, Boston MA

So I said I'd be blogging about some of the places I ate at whilst in Boston last week. First up is Clover, a 'Food Lab' serving up healthy fast food that's sourced locally, is mostly organic and all vegetarian. 


Clover started as a food truck, which was so successful that it multiplied into several food trucks, then expanded into several pop-up restaurants. They currently have 5 restaurants and 5 food trucks open around Boston, so there's no excuse not to try it out if you're in the state.


Their menu, like their food, is pleasantly simple with a few specials that change daily. I opted for the chickpea fritter sandwich (basically a falafel wrap but a really, really good one), and I shared some of my cousin Vivienne's rosemary fries. Everything I put in my mouth was delicious and the bonus is that for the most part, it was good for me. They also do some great loose leaf teas. I had the green tea which was very fresh and yummy. 


Clover is really worth a visit if you're in Boston. Find out their locations on their website: CloverFoodLab.com