This past weekend I went to Boston to visit my favourite aunt and my cousin.

It was a really special trip as I haven't seen my cousin, Ravi, since I was a baby. He has a wife and some babies of his own now, so it was really cool to get to know them all and put together the final piece of the family puzzle on my dad's side. 


My dad died when I was very young, so being around his siblings always holds some comfort for me, and gives me some insight into who he was. It was wonderful to get some quality time with my Bua (the Hindi word for father's older sister, aka aunt) who is full of stories about our family history in India, which never gets boring for me to hear. 

Ravi took me all around the city, which has a character I wasn't expecting. The houses were so quaint and the whole place was a lot smaller than I'd imagined. One of my favourite areas was Beacon Hill, which is very European with it's cobbled streets and real gas lamps. 

One of the most interesting parts for me was visiting Salem and going to the house of one of the judges involved in the witch trials. One thing that really resonated with me though, is how young of a country America is. I forget sometimes that it was founded in the 1700's and buildings like this Witch House, which was built in 1642 is considered really old. I guess Britain's historical buildings from 3700 BC have spoilt me!


One thing I made sure I did when I was in Boston was to eat one of their famous Lobster Rolls, which didn't disappoint. I ate some yummy food at very cool places over the weekend, so I'll be doing separate posts about those shortly.


Despite the rainy weather, which actually made me feel very at home, I enjoyed Boston's vibe and would recommend it to anyone that wants to do a city break in the States. There's a couple of sneaker boutiques I know Ty would love to visit plus some sites I still have to see, not to mention my family, including Ravi's gorgeous little girls, Arden and Vivienne (below) being there too. We'll be back for sure, but next time when it's warm!