Nice is nice. Very nice.

So after a week in London, where we caught up with people and had our engagement party, Ty, Parker and I headed to the South of France to see what Nice and Monaco were saying. As with Amsterdam, I'd been to both of the cities as a child but there's nothing better than experiencing a place as an adult and on your own time. 

We stayed in the Old Town quarter of Nice, which had some beautiful buildings and so much character. Wandering the streets was like being in a movie and we loved that everywhere was lively no matter how early or how late you were out. 

The weather was lovely, a nice change from a now chilly London, and it was great to be by the sea again. I do love a day on the beach. Their beaches are pebbly and most of the decent stretches with deck chairs and umbrellas are private plages, but they're not unaffordable and it's much better when you have somewhere to actually sit rather than on the rocks. The water was so clear and deep, although the pebbles made entering it a bit of a painful experience. 

Monte Carlo is a thirty minute train ride from Nice so we took a trip along the CΓ΄te d'Azur to have a wander around Monaco. Their beaches weren't as nice as Nice's but people mainly go to Monte Carlo to spend money on wining, dining, gambling and race cars, so our focus of sunbathing was a little irrelevant. 

Back in Nice, the buildings, seafront and the vibe alone make it a must-visit place, and the food was fabulous. There are so many restaurants to choose from and although most of them offer Italian cuisine, the lack of variation doesn't take away from how fresh and tasty it all is, especially the seafood. If you're a fan of Gelato then Fennochio's will be your ice cream heaven. So many flavours!


We rented an airbnb apartment in the heart of Old Town which was perfect. I love feeling part of the landscape when I visit another country, rather than having the sanitised, touristy experience you get from staying in a hotel. A lot of my friends swear by airbnb so I finally took the plunge and tried it for the first time on this holiday. Our host in Nice was lovely and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them or to use airbnb again for our next break. 

Nice and Monaco are great destination choices if you're after a pretty location for a city break, however if you want a beach break then other places in the French Riviera, like St Tropez (or a yacht, if you got it like that) are probably your best bet. That's actually our next goal, so who has a yacht and wants to be friends...?