Le Weekend.

I had a pretty fun packed weekend visiting friends all over AZ. I spent Friday afternoon with a puppy named King, a cool kid named Landyn and their lovely mum and dad, Michelle and Richard


On Saturday I drove over to Ahwatukee to spend the weekend with family friends, Rekha and Roger. We had breakfast at Liberty Market which was delicious. If you're in Arizona and want a great breakfast, definitely check them out. It's located in a town called Gilbert and they have a farmers market nearby on Saturdays, which I'll be back to experience. 


Rekha has some beautiful plants, flowers and fruit trees growing in her garden. Her pomelo and lemon trees were overflowing with fruit.


Arizona sunsets really are one of a kind. Such vibrant colours paint the sky every night, it's a sight to behold. I tried to capture it but a camera just can't do it justice, it's one of those things that needs to be seen in person. 


All in all, a spectacular weekend!