California living.

Ty and I have been in Cali for 2 weeks now and are settled into our routine of gyming and working. That's pretty much all we do on the weekdays, but my body is not complaining! I'm growing some nice little baby muscles thanks to my trainer (Ty, obvs). 

We couldn't resist the call of In-N-Out burger to kick off the weekend, so we thought we'd treat ourselves. Look at it, it's just so beautiful and yummy and... *drools*.


After that we took ourselves to L.A for the weekend to spend time with my family, Parker and Heather, as well as a visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park.

Our main focus for Magic Mountain (other than the new Full Throttle ride, which we went on twice) were the funnel cakes. We can't go there and not have a funnel cake, they're just so good... *drools again*.

We caught the theme park on a good day because the queues were almost non existent and we were able to go on all of the rides we liked. It made a nice change to the two hour long waits we had there last year. 

One thing I've been wanting to do for a while is for us to have a caricature done, so we did that while we were there. I think the artist got Ty's face perfectly, however mine isn't quite right. What do you think?

Either way, it's a cute picture and I look forward to having it framed on a wall sometime soon.