Five things.

So I haven't been great at posting regularly, mainly because life seems to have taken over in the last couple months!

Ty and I were in Los Angeles with my mum at the beginning of January looking at wedding venues, then I came to Phoenix at the end of Jan and have been here since. While a lot has been going on, none of it has really felt blog worthy, so I thought I'd tell you guys about a few of my current obsessions instead...


Obsession one: My nephews.

These two cuties are Ty's sister's kids, so now that I'm officially their auntie I'm showing them off to anyone who will listen. The big one is Ky and the little one is Zo but his big brother has named him 'Bubba', so that's what we call him. 

It's nice having them around while I'm out here as they keep me company while Ty's at work and are a pretty fun distraction, even when they're getting in to everything and I'm chasing them around. One thing being with them has definitely confirmed for me though, is that I'm not ready for my own kiddos just yet. Ty is great with them and I love being with them too but we're sure we want to wait a few more years before we take that step!


Obsession two: Dutch Bros Coffee.

Ok, so I'm not a coffee person at all but since I discovered my love for Dutch Bros I've developed a taste for it. It might be because the drinks that I like are loaded with carameliser and sugar that I like them so much, but whatever, the stuff is magical. Their staff are also consistently witty, cool and make you wish you had them as a friend, which makes for a great customer experience. Stuff like that is important to me so it might be another reason why I like them so much. I applaud their recruitment process.

My favourite drink is the Ninja Turtle as a Dutch Freeze (which just means that it's an icey). It's on their secret menu so you won't see it displayed when you go there but if you ask, they'll tell you all of the secret concoctions they make (or you can click here). If you have a Dutch Bros in your area and haven't tried it yet, I can't recommend it enough so go try it! (They didn't sponsor this post, but if anyone from HQ is reading - I'd be open to the idea :).


Obsession three: Being married.

It really is the subtle things about being married that you notice the most. It's in little things like buying a Valentine's Day card that says 'husband' on it, and receiving one that says 'wife'. It's in making joint decisions about important and exciting things, like the area you want to buy a house in or what our plans for the next year should be. It's even in hearing him call you his wife and giving people your new surname. Although I know this feeling won't last forever, it's nice to finally be able to savour it with him seeing as we spent the first 2 months of our marriage apart. 

This year was our third Valentine's Day as a couple but the first we've spent together. Although I do think the 'holiday' is pretty inconsequential, it was nice that our first one in the same place was also our first as husband and wife. 


Obsession four: Outdoor lighting.

On the many viewings during our wedding venue hunt I realised how much I adore great outside lighting, specifically chandeliers. A lot of the places I loved had fairy lights hanging down from trees in a way I hadn't seen done before and it had such a lovely effect. One of my favourite venues had a massive waterfall with two chandeliers hanging above it - just gorge.

I actually got a lot of interior design ideas from our venue hunt and I think I'm more excited about decorating our house than I am about planning this wedding. Anyone know a wedding planner that wants to do it all for me? 


Obsession five: NARS velvet matte lip pencils

Sephora has been taking all of my pennies since I've been out here (as it usually does - why on earth they shut down in the UK I'll never know). One of my favourite purchases of late has been these NARS matte lip pencils. I've been using lip pencils instead of lipstick a lot lately and these ones give that perfect matte effect without rubbing off as easily as most 'normal' lip pencils. They're not cheap but they're worth the investment.

The colour I'm loving at the moment is Bahama. It's fitting my mood perfectly.


That's all I have for now because my other obsessions of marathon watching Parenthood in between the 11 other shows I have on the go and eating 'low fat' cheese strings aren't very interesting to read about. Bet you're glad I spared you that, right?

What are you obsessed with at the moment? Give me some new ideas for things to obsess over!