Seven hundred and thirty.

730 days, 17,520 hours, 1,051,200 minutes... Basically, 2 years since midnight on October 26th 2012, when Ty decided that I would officially be his (and I agreed, of course). 

I've learnt so much about myself, about relationships and about life over the past two years. Much more than I thought possible when I was single. Before you enter into a long term relationship, there really is no way to know just how much 'work' they take to work; how much compromise, understanding, affection, forgiveness, endurance and more. However, if those things are something you both can put in to your partnership, the reward of a healthy and happy relationship is more than worth the effort. 

At this point, half of our relationship has been long distance. While I can tell you that being in a long distance situation isn't easy, at all, I will say that if you're both on the same page, have the same end goals in mind, and have a high threshold for patience and endurance, distance will make your partnership a whole lot closer and stronger. If you can get through being apart for an extended period of time and still be just as in love with each other as you were when you were together, you've passed the ultimate test.

One thing that was clear to me from the very beginning, was that this man would teach me what being loved, and loving in return, truly is. He's been the most genuine, loyal, loving, patient and doting guy since the day we met and I'm so lucky to know that he's the man I'll be sharing the rest of my life with. 

I know this post is full of lovey dovey mush, but sometimes you've just gotta tell the person that's everything you asked for and more, that they're everything you asked for and more, whilst telling the world at the same time... Know what I'm saying?

I'm so excited to call this magnificent guy my husband and to be his wifey for lifey. Happy anniversary boo, here's to being lovers and adventurers for the rest of our days!