Our relationship 'traditions'.

Every couple has their relationship traditions, and Hookah/Shisha has been one of ours since the beginning. Well, more like Hookah and tea because Ty is the smoker and my usual is a mint tea.

We've been trying to do better as of late, which means we've cut out alcohol and Ty's vetoed his regular hookah visits, but we were cruising around L.A. last night and thought we'd check out a spot we found, just for old times sake. 

The only way I can smoke Hookah is with an ice tip, so I had a few puffs. Personally, I really don't see the enjoyment in it but most people find it relaxing. I'm much happier with my tea to be honest.

The spot we found was called 20/20 Hookah Lounge in Lancaster, which was actually the nicest lounge I've been to stateside.

The US Hookah places are very different from the ones in London, which have a much more relaxed and middle eastern vibe that Ty and I love. Our favourite spot in London is Funky Brownz in Crouch End, which we'd recommend to anyone.

Another tradition for Ty, and now me, when we're in California is to eat at CoCo's Ichibanya. CoCo's is a Japanese curry house which Ty first fell in love with when he was stationed in Japan. It's a favourite with a load of Air Force people stationed over there and they all covet a visit to it's stateside locations, which are only in Cali or Hawaii.

The curry is a lot like the Katsu Curry from Wagamamas but you can get this one with a variety of meats or vegetables and the spiciness can go from level 0 - level 10 (which is VERY hot).

It's beyond yummy though. If you're in Southern California definitely get to one of their 3 locations around L.A.

So, those are two of our 'traditions', so to speak. What are yours? I'd love to know!