Common sense provider.


I tried my hand at a bit of food photography for day 5 today, as well as capturing this shot of my lovely Lauren here. 

Lauren is the person I've lived with for most of my adult life, so she's more like a sister than anything else. I can always count on her for an honest opinion or view on whatever I'm doing or thinking. She's my reality checker and common sense provider. Having someone like that in your life is invaluable, and I hope I'm able to be there for her in the same way.


We had a craving for one of our favourite spots in London, Dishoom (some of you might recognise it from the decor, or the drinks). I love the vibe in all of their locations, especially this one in Shoreditch. Although their look is a trademark that all of their branches share, it always manages to feel bespoke and unusual. The food is also very tasty, which is a bonus. 

Our drinks were Bombay Coladas. Definitely worth a try if you haven't had one before!