Life changes.

Life is funny. Just the other day, I was going to blog about living in the moment because you never really know when your life will change forever. Little did I know that one of those moments was just around the corner for me. 

After 3 months apart, Ty and I were meeting in Amsterdam for a little Euro Trip that included London (of course) and the South of France. When I got in the car at 3am on the morning of August 30th, I was obviously excited to see Ty and visit Amsterdam, but I had no idea how many surprises were waiting for me over the course of that day.

We were both arriving at Amsterdam airport at around the same time that morning. I beat him to the exit so was there to see him coming through arrivals after a short wait. When we saw each other he rushed over to pick me up and hug me, as you do after 3 months apart, but then he kept looking over my shoulder at the people still coming out of the gate, which I thought was a bit weird. After a moment or two of me giving him funny looks, he finally spun me around and whispered, "look who I brought with me"... 

It was my little sister Parker from LA! I was pretty shocked to see her standing there in Amsterdam airport, so much so I cried a little bit before it all sunk in. That, for me, was definitely the best surprise I could've asked for (at that point) as we'd really wanted Parker and her boyfriend Mandela to join us on the trip. Although Mandela couldn't make it because of uni, It turned out that Ty, Parker and her mom Heather had been planning this surprise the whole time.

So just like that, the trip became 'Ty, Ambi and Parker do Europe' and we boarded the train to our little apartment in the city, then got on with some exploring. 

Ok, so I'll get to the good part seeing as this day felt almost never ending because we'd all been up so early that morning. After a full on day, we booked to have dinner at a little Thai restaurant that evening, where the food turned out to be delicious. This was when the day became truly unforgettable, as after dinner, Ty only bloody went and proposed to me! (Say that in an English accent for maximum effect). 

Parker had assumed the role of photographer/paparazzi that evening, which I now know is because she knew what was coming. So luckily, I have a few pictures that captured the moment. It was all very surreal and two weeks later, it's only just started to sink in.

Obviously putting every moment of that epic day and night into this blog post would not only be quite difficult but it would bore you to death, so I'll leave you with what we have here and say that I couldn't be happier to be the future Mrs. Johnson.

It's so wonderful when lovely life changing moments happen when you least expect them.