Leaving my comfort zone.

Life as a member of the Military can be unpredictable and being with someone in the Military means that unpredictability will affect your life too. This is something I've learned all too well over the past year and a half as Ty is in the US Air Force.

Month long trips often spring up with days notice, regardless of what you have planned or what's going on in your life, and this is exactly what happened. Ty left yesterday to go to California for a month. 

Luckily, Cali is only a 6 hour drive away from AZ, so I'm going to join him after I return from my weekend in Boston. However, that means I'm at our apartment alone for the next 10 days and my courage, well, it will be tested.

When I'm around people I'm the most confident person, up for anything and always first to say "what are you afraid of? Let's do it!". When I'm alone, it's a completely different story. Case in point; When we first moved into our apartment here, I was even afraid to go to the pool by myself! Obviously I knew my fear was irrational so I gave myself a stern talking to, made my way over there, then realised that of course, it was totally fine and I had nothing to worry about.

Being alone on home turf is something I'm totally fine with (I actually really enjoy my own company) but being alone in another country is something I'm less than confident about. See, I like the idea of going on one of those 'self discovery' solo holidays, but the reality is that I would be stepping very far outside of my comfort zone. 

My grandmother, who is the ultimate solo adventurer and self-confidence wonder woman, gave me a great pep talk and told me to take on this challenge as a means of self growth and to overcome this feeling of self doubt. So, that's what the next 10 days will be about for me and in the spirit of growth and self development, I can genuinely say that I'm looking forward to it.

I conquered the first hurdle by taking Ty's Mustang out for a spin yesterday. I went to the movies (I saw that new Tyler Perry movie, which was predictably pretty crap - warning you now) then treated myself to Chipotle.

Now I just have to think up more activities for next week and get myself ready for that 6 hour drive to Cali...

To the wanderers and solo adventurers - I admire your courage and will be channelling it into my own life, one day at a time.