'Home' means something different to everyone. It can be a building or a place, it can be a person or a family, and as the saying goes, it really can be wherever your heart is.

For me, home is a little bit of all of those things. I'm lucky enough to have multiple places to call home in England, America and India but these places are truly home for me because of the people that are there. 


A piece of my heart is in Kent because my godfamily are there. I grew up there too, so I have history in that place, and I go back there to spend time with my loved ones and to be a part of my godsons lives. 

That, is my home.

Another piece of my heart is in Birmingham with my grandmother. I love that my mum and I can go and spend weekends with her, and I cherish the fact that the three generations of women in our family have such a close bond. 

That too, is my home.


My home is found in my parent's house, in my grandmother's cooking, in Punjabi conversation. It is found in flowers that my stepdad cuts for me from his rose bush, in sentimental trinkets and photos that I've collected throughout my life from meaningful places and experiences. 

My home is found in the hearts of the ones I love, in their embrace, in the comfort I feel when we're side by side. It is found in places, in times, in songs, in phrases, in laughs, in cuddles, in smells, in pages.

All of these things, are my home. And wherever I go, they go too.

I'm often away from my 'home' in the traditional sense of the word and remembering that my home isn't really in a building, but in all of these people and experiences, makes it that much easier to leave and all the more joyous to return. That really helps when you always seem to be leaving one home for another.