Culture Club photography workshop.


It's March! How quickly did that come?! 

I started the month off by learning some new skills at a photography workshop.

Ty bought me a DSLR camera for Christmas and although I have a background in film, I'm quite new to the photography game. I knew how I wanted my photos to look, but my technical knowledge was failing me. In short, I was stuck on Auto mode.


In the spirit of putting action behind my "I wish's", I signed up for a beginners photography workshop. I chose one by the Culture Club as it's had some great reviews and I also knew the instructor, Matilda, from my 'back in the day' blogging life.

During the 4 hour session held on London's South Bank, Matilda covered all of the photography basics. She taught us how to get our head around all of the different camera settings and what they should be used for. We were coached in how to set the ISO, shutter speed and aperture, as well as what all of these things meant and how they would help us take great photos.


With the class being so practice based, I was able to use everything I was learning to take a bunch of lovely photos that I even surprised myself with. I feel much more in control of my camera now, and have more confidence in knowing that I'll be able to take a photograph the way I see it in my head.


As you can see from some of my photos here, they're a lot better than the bunch you saw in my last post. Hopefully they'll continue to get better and I'm most definitely going to buy a 50mm lens as a starter. I've always been a fiend for shallow Depth of Field in both film and photography, especially because I love to capture people and detail, so it'll be much more fun with a better lens.


If you're thinking about going to a photography class, I'd highly recommend the Culture Club's one. It's well worth the cost, especially as the classes are small and intimate, and Matilda is a great teacher. Have a look at the different types of workshops they offer on their site:


You can expect much prettier pictures on the blog from now on. I might even do a March photo challenge as practice. One a day. Let's see how that goes...

No more Auto mode for me!

- Amber