Coming full circle.

I struggled a bit with today's photo as I was packing for my trip, meaning I was in the house all day. It was a good test for my creativity though and while I'm not entirely happy with this image, I'll take it as an exercise in composition and lighting.


I leave tomorrow to begin the third USAdventure with my love, exactly a year to the day that our first adventure began (and when the picture in this photo was taken). To know we've come full circle and to see how much our relationship has grown since this time last year is a truly wonderful feeling.

I'm excited for what's in store for us in the next 3 months. Most of all I'm just looking forward to spending so many days and nights with Ty. Dealing with distance is never easy, so any time that it becomes irrelevant is a time to cherish.

I hope the moments aren't too fleeting. Sometimes it's nice to bask in their glow for a while.