Simple skincare for clearer skin.

I've had a strict skincare routine since I was about 12 years old. My mother is very big on taking care of her skin and body, so naturally when I reached puberty she sat me down, handed me an 'Oil of Olay' (now just Olay) toner & facial moisturiser and told me that I must cleanse, tone and moisturise my face every night.

She must have drilled it in hard because to this day, no matter how late it is, I can't go to sleep without doing just that.

The products I used have changed over the years and I'm always on the hunt for better skincare products (so if you have any recommendations, let me know!) however the routine has remained the same... Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise.

My skin is far from perfect but I can say that I don't often suffer from break outs, which I think has everything to do with my nightly skincare ritual. If you have sensitive skin like mine or are in the market for some new skincare products, here's what I'm currently using for each step of my routine...



I stopped using normal face wash products many years ago as they dry my skin out terribly and sometimes I get rashes from them. They put so many nasty chemicals in skincare products I'm honestly not surprised, so I try to use natural products as much as possible. 

To cleanse I use two things, depending on what I happen to be doing in the evening before I remove my makeup...

I shower every evening, so if I have makeup on I'll use coconut oil to cleanse my face and remove makeup. This one from Cocan is great because it's 'Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed, Organic' coconut oil, which is the best kind to use as it hasn't been hydrogenated or processed to remove the nutrients.

You might think using oil directly on your face would cause clogged pores and spots but the oil cleansing method is actually a great way to combat acne. This is based on the theory that 'like attracts like', meaning that the oil will actually draw out the other oils in your skin.

I'm not sure if using oil to cleanse has necessarily made my skin clearer, but it is definitely a fantastic makeup remover. Whenever I use the oil, there is absolutely no makeup or grime left on my cotton pad when I tone afterwards. It also adds a nice bit of moisture to your skin after using, which I much prefer over the tight, dryness that is left after using soapy cleansing products.

If I'm away overnight or just need a quick way to cleanse, my go to is bog standard baby wipes. These are a handbag staple for me as they never fail to come in handy when you're out and about. They're also so much cheaper than wipes that are marketed as 'facial cleansing wipes' and do the job just as well.

I love these ones from Boots because of the recloseable packet, plus the fragrance free option is great for sensitive skin like mine. They're also always on offer for buy one get one free, which is good for the bargain hunters. I'm sad because the baby wipes you get in the US don't compare to these at all - my mum's going to have to send me them by the box when I move!



I've tested out quite a few toners over the years and I can say that I still haven't found the perfect one. I think I'm going to end up making my own from some of the recipes I've found on Pinterest but for now, Garnier Micellar Water is doing me quite well and I'll definitely be using it for the foreseeable future.

Micellar water is a bit of a fad (which has actually been around for over 100 years and has been very popular in France for ages) that's gaining in popularity worldwide at the moment. The 'micelles' are little drops of oil floating around in soft water which cling on to the makeup and dirt on your face, drawing out the impurities as you wipe (similar concept as the oil cleansing method). The idea is that you just use this to 'wash' your face, with no water rinsing and no moisturising afterwards, so this stuff is marketed as a cleansing product.

I personally don't like the concept of using just this to remove my makeup but I do think it works well as a toner after cleansing to do some last cleanup of any residue before putting on moisturiser (I couldn't go without a moisturiser either!). It can be hard to find gentle toners without alcohol or witch hazel etc (my skin doesn't like these at all) so this is a great option if you're looking for something mild and good for sensitive skin.



Another thing that my mum is very big on is sunscreen. She constantly lectures me about using an SPF facial moisturiser, so my conscience just isn't at peace unless I've put that on my face before leaving the house.

At the moment, my daytime moisturiser is Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30. I really like the dewy texture it gives to my skin and it works surprisingly well under makeup. (I have oily skin in my T-zone so I do have to be mindful of oily lotions). This one does leave a little bit too much residue meaning that my skin isn't very matte by the end of the day, so I'm still searching for the perfect light SPF for daytime use.

My night time moisturiser is Aveeno's Eczema Therapy cream. This isn't a traditional facial moisturiser but I find that it does work well on my face. It's a little heavier, so I'm careful not to use it around my eyes, however the thickness of it means my skin is super silky soft when I wake up in the morning. 

I don't have eczema on my face but as this is fragrance free, gentle and soothing, my sensitive skin really laps it up. (Shoutout to Ty for using this and passing it on). I would like to find some moisturisers with only natural ingredients so I'm on the lookout for something that fits the bill.



As you can see, my product selection is constantly evolving as I'm on an eternal search for things that work better. I haven't included an eye cream in this list as I only started (trying to) use one this year and I haven't been very regular with it yet. (I've got to work on that!) Oh, that's another thing I'm in the market for - a great eye cream.

Sharing is caring, so help me on my search and let me know what your favourite skincare products are and what works for you in the comments!



There's this spot in Phoenix that I love. It's a late night coffee bar called Lux, which serves coffees, teas, alcoholic drinks and food into the early hours providing a chill hangout place for people that don't want to sit in a bar or a club. 

They have these fab typewriters on a few of the tables - a nice touch for a place that attracts a lot of young creative types. You'll always find groups of people sitting on the sofas with their MacBooks plugged into the wall. It's basically Shoreditch in Phoenix, but cooler because it's so laid back.


To top all of that off, they have the most amazing whipped cream ever in life at this place! It was cinnamon, sugar and coffee infused. It's worth going there just for a scoop of it, seriously.

Basically, we need a Lux in London.