I'm Amber; British and therefore quintessentially self depreciating, so naturally I lack the ability to make writing in the third person (or indeed the first person) sound genuine and unpretentious. I hate these 'about me' pages - so much pressure to make you believe I'm great and cool and any number of positive things in just one paragraph. Anywho, it has to be done, so here's something about me, by me not pretending to not be me (also known as 'in first person')...

I'd say I'm an experience seeker with a creative spirit and a bad case of wanderlust. A social media ninja by profession. Too curious for my own good. Always up for trying something new (and then blogging about it here). Somewhat restless and not afraid to tread a new path.

I happen to be married to a boy that currently lives 4000 miles away. Navigating a long distance marriage is an adventure in itself and some of this blog will be documenting that and my imminent move across the pond (with my cocker spaniel puppy, Zora, in tow).

I'm basically just a girl from London, trying to capture life's many wonderful, but fleeting, moments. One blog post at a time.